Monday, March 09, 2009

I just spent catching up on the blogs of a wide assortment of friends and relatives. And I can't decide if I should laugh or cry....or just take a xanax and try to forget that some of these people I choose to associate with and some I am compelled to associate with due to family ties. Even that is not a good enough reason anymore. Because even though you cannot choose your relatives---you can choose to associate with them. No one says you have to pal around with them if being best buds means something destructive for you.
It seems like it has been a busy weekend for everyone. I really can't believe how much of a freak show life can be at times. People constantly surprise me at the complete lack of self awareness they show. They all seem to suffer from "terminal uniqueness". I suppose the fallacy here is that anyone is immune from "trailer park syndrome". The middle class is shrinking and the chasm between "good" people and trailer trash is shrinking. Sadly, with the recent election, the great unwashed masses have found their "voice".
I realize that I live on the perimeter of the trailer park...I've done everything but string up concertina wire to keep it at bay. Still I see it encroaching my space and I have to run out with a gallon of Agent Orange or Roundup or whatever defoliant I can lay my hands on and fight it off.
There are two young people I know who are gay. And for some reason I get the feeling that they believe their generation has "discovered" gay rights. This makes me want to laugh until my sides hurt. Somewhere in a box I have a book on the history of homosexuals in the United States. (Oh, we didn't invent it either, btw.) Or maybe that is one of the books that I gave to David, in which case it is in Florida with his mom and dad. The point is that since the Greeks, homosexuality has not been accepted by the mainstream. And it isn't going to start now. It is an alternative, not the norm. And it isn't going to be the norm. People in the mainstream are more than likely always going to be a little put off. Because being gay is NOT the NORM!!! And you jumping up and down and making little sniping comments directed at straight people is not going to change anything. Back in the days when San Francisco still had bath houses where anonymous trysts were the norm, gay men were very discreet and still were the targets of homophobes who had to prove their manhood by attacking them. In some parts of the country this sort of thing is still very much a reality. It makes me want to shake these two kids and say
"Look it isn't right that you have to hide who you are and what you are but it is the reality of the situation. Deal with it. Don't expect the rest of us to jump up and down commending you for your lifestyle." And it is a lifestyle. It maybe a societal taboo that springs from societal mores but at its roots, it is a choice. It is deviant. My acceptance of it does not make it any less deviant. I also accept people with leather and feather fetishes. That doesn't mean I would march in the streets to obtain special rights for them. I don't believe unmarried hetero couples should have the same legal rights that married hetero couples have been given.
You are not unique because you are gay. Your whining is annoying. Your parents have been haters all their lives, did you think that a dawning of enlightenment would spring from your announcement of your sexual preference? Be real!!! They were two of the last white people who still used the "N" word to refer to blacks. They practically shaved your head and made you a baby white supremist---you thought they were going to welcome a gay child???!!!
Have you completely come off your chain?? They would almost rather you come to them with a drug problem.

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