Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Because I Said So- The official Blog of Author and Mom Blogger Dawn Meehan

I just discovered Dawn's blog when I read my Guidepost magazine for this month. I was so happy to discover that I am not the only mom to ever discover a petrified piece of hot dog in her child's bedroom...I knew I just had to read more!
My goodness did that mention of the petrified hot dog ever bring up memories...
Tallulah was three and she wouldn't stop taking food into her room and leaving it in the toy box.
When I told her bugs would be attracted to the food, she was delighted because, as she put it "I LIKE BUGS, Mommy!" Errr well, yes.
There is a button I added that will take you to another charming kids by MckMama
MckMama's sweet baby boy Stellan is having serious health issues with his heart. Follow the link to read more. MckMama takes the most incredible pictures of her children...even Gertrude likes to look at them...and she is usually so jealous of other children getting my attention, she likes to be the star, you know.

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