Tuesday, March 24, 2009

He doesn't look like Butterfly McQueen, but he certainly does a good impersonation of the actress standing in the street beneath the window of Belle Watling's whore house in "Gone With the Wind". Indeed, he knows nothing about birthin' babies and even less about birthin' kittens. Or maybe it's just being able to keep his cool in a crisis that he can't seem to wrap his head around.
Last night at about 2am, Goober got up and discovered that Tallulah's cat had given birth to a kitten on the floor in front of the computer desk. Instead of simply getting the cat and kitten into a box and tucking them into a corner somewhere, he began to scream and woke everyone in the house up, including poor Gertrude. Tallulah fixed a place for the mom cat and the baby to rest, we did a quick search to see if she had any other babies under the desk and left her alone.
The thing is this...the poor cat had been looking for a good place to nest and was showing a marked preference for Goober's sock drawer. Not wanting to give up his sock drawer for a kitten nursery, it was simply a matter of providing a suitable replacement birthing area. That being done, she was able to settle down to the job at hand and delivered three tiny kitties, gray and striped.
Fortunately, cats don't need the services of a midwife...

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