Tuesday, March 17, 2009

White trash nightmare...that's the only word to describe it. I hate letting my children spend the night at friend's houses. I know some people would jump at the chance to get their kids out from under foot but I like knowing that mine are tucked in their beds (or at least sprawled on the couch watching a movie!) when I get into my bed. BUT every now and then I give in and let them go off with a friend.
I always meet the parents of the other children involved. I suppose what I should request in the future is a quick walk through of the home where my children will be staying.
Sunday night, the Diva begged to go to a friend's house and sleep over. I had talked to the mother before and J had been inside the house, spoken to the mother and her boyfriend who has assumed a parental role (it's very difficult to find a married set of parents here in Primordial) He pronounced them "just good people", which should have been a clue.
Evidently, the house had no working indoor plumbing, there were holes in the wooden staircase
leading up to the sleeping area ---as in whole risers were missing. And, the mother of the children took her own child off to an appointment at 53opm and still hadn't returned when J went to pick her up at 8pm. Not only that but the male adult left and my daughter was left there alone with two older boys. Thankfully, she ignored their admonition that she not use or answer their phone while they were gone and called me so I could send her father to pick her up. It seems that those were only a few of the things that went wrong. Right now I am torn between calling the idiots and giving them a piece of my mind and smacking her father on the back of the head for telling me that these animals were just "good people".

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