Friday, March 13, 2009

Guacamole!! Carramba! And a lot of other words that I am going to substitute for expletives. Though I must admit that swearing would really feel wonderful at this point. I was running my usual search for new sex offenders (hey! a girl has to have a hobby!) and I discovered that one of the men I used to chat with in the computer lab is a big time habitual offender. Even doing jail time and being required to register for life. Yikes! Yuck! That really does make me want to chase him down and throw things at him. How dare a person like that come to the University and pretend that he is a normal person!?! Because he is not a normal person. No way.
The thing is this...there is no "cure" for child molesters. There is no pill, therapy nada, zip, zilch. There are just some demented sick individuals who manage to dilude themselves into believing that their "urges" are normal. They are not. Someone should make them sit with a victim and let them listen for an hour or two to how badly their "urges" mess people up. Like forever. Expecially when they don't tell anyone for years and they very nearly convince themselves that they had imagined it.
The other kicker is that the goober is getting federal financial aid. Now explain what sense that makes...If you sell drugs you cannot get financial aid. BUT if you get found guilty of sexually molesting a child not once but three times...Uncle Sam will pick up the tab.
God Bless the Democrats!

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