Sunday, March 15, 2009

The thing about satire is that it sometimes hits on the truth in a painful way. Case in point: I stumbled on a blog titled "Stuff White Trash People Like", a parody of the book "Stuff White People Like". I read the entries while I sat over looking the back yards on either side of mine. And laughed out loud at how accurately the writers described the folks here in the shallow end. They didn't miss a thing from Rent to Own Furniture to Settling out of Court for big Settlement Checks. Everything was there right down to the Pit Bull puppies.
Our newest citizens of the Primordial Soup aka the Shallow End have only been here for about a month, having migrated north from a trailer park in another state. Already they have added three pit bull mix puppies to their growing collection of pit bulls.
Yesterday, my good friend MissG. and I amused ourselves for several hours planning a
"Redneck" BBQ. We selected outfits, (muumuus, bedroom slippers and pink foam hair rollers!),
crystal (mason jars) and even decorations (year round Christmas lights). Sadly, I need only look out my window to see those things. And they aren't a satire. They are someone's idea of living the good life.
Of course my neighbors inform me that things are going to get better. The new administration is going to change things for them. Now that the Republicans are gone, they aren't going to have to pay all those taxes. is gonna be good.

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