Saturday, April 25, 2009

It's a glorious day. The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the neighbors are out in force. Why is it that the people in this neighborhood think that the way to dispose of trash is to burn it? Not only does the smoke fill my house and make me cough (even if I close the windows!) ...the stench is awful. Burning leaves is bad enough but I suspect they are also burning old Little Tykes toys...and those thing are made of some durable and probably carcinogenic plastic!
Gertrude and I have a tray full of plants that need to go into the ground. The sooner the better. But I am not going out while Mrs. Always in Her Nightie is outside in her nightie. Seriously...Do you think that Mr.No Shirt Plumber's Crack is that ummm...insatiable?
Maybe I could email her an anonymous link to MuuMuu Heaven? Although I can tell you from experience some of those dresses are absolutely gorgeous. Island Formal wear rocks! It isn't all about shapeless sacs. Just go look--and wearing one makes you feel like you are ready for the islands.
Or I could send old videos of "Three's Company"--she might enjoy channeling Mrs. Roper. Those technicolor caftans would be a huge improvement.

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