Sunday, May 03, 2009

Who's afraid of the big, bad wolf? Not I. But I am a little worried about the little innocuous pig. Or maybe that should be the big pig. As in swine flu. I mean, I read "The Stand". I know what a pandemic can do...I also have read the history books. That, added to the fact that medically I fall into the high risk category tends to make me cautious of people who cough in public Not to mention the walking wounded who drag themselves around the grocery store and to work, certain that they are so mission essential that they workplace would collapse without them.
The problem is that all of these cases of swine flu are being diagnosed after the fact. The incubation period has long since passed. Those little snouted microbes were growing and spreading in the weeks before the CDC started telling us to beware of the dreaded flu and the pandemic it could herald.
Then came the stories of people who thought they were safe because they have little or no contact with actual pigs. Helllooo??? Syphillis comes from sheep....and you can get it even if you weren't on Brokeback Mountain recently. So to avoid confusion, the CDC decided that we should start calling it H1N1, not swine flu. Even worse in my opinion because now it sounds like one of those mutated super bugs that they grow in secret government labs for germ warfare.
H1N1 or swine's out there. Please keep your pigs at home if they are coughing.

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